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EcoGLOW -snowflake

Instructor: Katia Zolotovsky

Team: Yixuan Zhong.  Jane Effanga.  Deirdre Ni Chonaill


Our project responds to the innovative use of biomaterials in home decor, specifically in lighting. In our previous project, we experimented with a variety of natural and sustainable materials, we gained an understanding of biomaterial properties, behaviors, and their limitations.

For this project, we would be exploring the use of bioplastics to create functional, decorative lighting pieces that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

截屏2024-04-22 下午3.34.55.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午3.35.01.png

Obscure lampshades, in Orb


My group and I spent two weeks experimenting with various biomaterials, exploring the differences in softness, hardness, plasticity, and translucency between different materials in the process.

截屏2024-04-22 下午3.59.53.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午4.43.55.png


The following is a record of the making process that my group and I attempted together. In the process of non-stop exploration and making, we realized that it is not easy to make these bio material and bioplastic. By touching and feeling the tactile sensation between the different materials, we became clearer about which biomaterial is more suitable for our future personal works.

截屏2024-04-22 下午4.53.06.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午5.18.30.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午5.19.23.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午5.20.35.png


After our rich pre-exploration, I locked my final project material on bioplastic and changed its material ratio and dosage to achieve different hardness and translucency.

截屏2024-04-22 下午5.54.49.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午5.54.57.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.03.50.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.02.44.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.02.54.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.03.17.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.02.27.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午5.55.19.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.02.15.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.03.31.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.11.51.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.12.34.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.12.08.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.16.23.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.16.05.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.18.40.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.18.25.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.17.08.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.19.50.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.19.16.png

Final Project

After two weeks of making materials and cutting and building, I finished my snowflake. This lampshade features a unique, monolithic snowflake-inspired design that seamlessly interlocks without glue, allowing for customizable shapes and designs. Its varied hardness and transparency levels enhance the lamp's final illumination effect.

截屏2024-04-22 下午6.58.48.png
截屏2024-04-22 下午6.59.59.png
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