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IKEA spring's New look 

A campaign that makes users more resonant and engaged with the platform's activities


Recycling In Boston

In-depth research project on Boston's recycling policy and resident awareness.

coming soon


IKEA APP has a very large user base in China and currently has 150,000 daily active users. However, the actual conversion rate is not ideal, The professional and visually appealing product pictures on the app do not effectively engage users or generate sufficient interest to drive sales.


10 Weeks

My Role

UIUX designer Intern

​My Contributions

  • Conduct interface research on existing PGC & UGC platforms.

  • Design the low-fidelity and high-fidelity models with figma.

  • Built design strategy & conceptualized user behaviors with Mentor.


3 UIUX designer+1 PM
(Jun Luo, Jesse Bi, Clytie)




The engagement and view rate of the first two activities were not satisfactory

We wanted to add a community feature of user-generated content to the program, but the data from the first two attempts showed low participation. Changes need to be made to the new campaign.


As a UI/UX designer at IKEA, I successfully designed and iterated on the Spring event topic page, which resulted in a significant increase in popularity and vibrancy. Through three rounds of wireframing and prototyping, the limited-time event page evolved into a resident event and was incorporated into the IKEA China app. Our design contributed to a 20% increase in conversion rates, attracting an additional 50,000 users to the platform.



Ok, but how did I actually get there?

Although it was tough to follow the ideal user-centered design process at work, I still used the framework of the UCD process to keep users in mind.



During past Christmas and Chinese New Year campaigns, our team experimented with two versions of limited-time user-generated content and gathered feedback from participants and backend data analysis.


The previous Christmas Campaign 

The previous ​New Year Campaign 


Our colleagues in the UX research group invited five IKEA APP in-depth users to conduct paid user interviews, and I participated in two of them.


  • High user browsing rate, but relatively low engagement

  • Lack of interaction between users

  • Low sense of accomplishment for users posting content

  • Limited access to the campaign page

user feedback.png


Get insights from competitors


Through competitive analysis, I know what features my competitors have in the UGC panel. In addition, I can confirm the findings from my user interviews that topic entry, commenting function, editing, and posting are common scenarios.


Communication with stakeholders: keep everyone on the same page

At work, other stakeholders can always give me lots of insights, so I discuss with PMs, content strategists, and engineers to solicit feedback:



In the discovery stage, I collected various information, so I needed to synthesize the information to let me have a specific goal when ideating potential solutions. Therefore I worked with my teammates to finalize the main design problems.

design problem.png


In the early stage, I sketched ideas and made wireframes to discuss the potential solutions with stakeholders.


In the first two versions, there were too many content sections and they took up a lot of space.

It is difficult to know which section you are reading after you start reading, and it is easy to lose patience to read all the contents. There is little encouragement for users to post their own content.

Redesigned event page layout


Previous Versions

  • UGC and PGC and long articles from IKEA were randomly interspersed in the feeds.

  • Categorize content with relevant topic subcategories.

  • Optimize the product tagging feature to provide options for recently purchased products to save time.

  • You can view your content in the top area of the activity page after you finish posting.

p1 sketch
截屏2023-02-28 下午8.50.10.png


From the event tracking data given by the PM, we found that the average number of comments on user postings for the first two campaigns was really low, which was not conducive to the healthy development of the sharing community.

How might we facilitate positive feedback among users?

  • Create the discourse database for easy recall.

  • Add quick replies to the comments section, choosing three randomly from the discourse database.

  • Add a few preset Emoji below the comment pop-up window, select them and insert them into the text.


More access to participate or share activities

  • Add an event portal, and the portal can alternate between the homepage and the inspiration page.

  • Set the sharing function to generate beautiful sharing pictures with one click

  • Set a shortcut to return to the homepage so that it is not easy to get lost

截屏2023-02-28 下午9.37.17.png


截屏2023-02-25 下午11.18.06.png



Easy access to the Spring Campaign Page

  • Add the event interface entrance on both the home page and inspiration page.

  • Platform can automatically generate promotional images to share and get more users involved.



Easier to publish your own content

  • Set crop and rotate image editing function.

  • Bought items will be arranged from new to old by time shunts in the add tags function.

One click to leave comments

  • To increase interaction and encourage creators, users can post comments on content with just one click while viewing.


For the product: Improvements in key metrics.


increase in conversion rate from user content to shopping cart page


increase in the number of users participating in the campaign and posting


new registered users
came from this campaign

For business: Consider business goals and team's OKR.

As revenue is one of our team's goals, we need to consider it in the design. Having a lively sharing community will increase the visibility of content and make it easier for users to see shared items' tags, leading to higher purchase rates and increased revenue.

After three attempts at user-generated content-related themed campaigns, the numbers were getting better and better, so we planned to turn the limited-time campaigns into permanent campaigns and redesign the "inspiration" page to help the sharing community grow better.


Ensure that you communicate effectively and promptly with different stakeholders.

Collaborating with colleagues provides me with fresh inspiration and diverse feedback. Additionally, timely communication with my teammates helps to identify potential issues earlier, allowing me sufficient time to make necessary adjustments to my design.

Actively learn from users and stay objective.

"Don't fall in love with your first design". I've heard this advice many times, but putting it into action has been harder than I thought. It's hard to give up our own ideas, and at this point User testing can be very good at giving objective answers. It's critical to stay objective and design with the user, rather than letting self-awareness drive the design process.

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