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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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How might we help users get more real, engaging , and useful content in the "Inspiration" interface, rather than just professional product graphics?

Meet The Team

"Inspiration" interface and fixed topic     page content is more clearly divided

  • Inspiration main interface is divided by content type, making it more convenient to find.

  • Modular configurable structure for fixed topic pages, easy for engineers to build efficiently.

The personal page & the resident topic page are put away, and the main interface become more concise

  • Users can view their past content and view likes on their personal page.

  • Resident topics are more efficiently placed in a whole page for easy viewing.


Limited development time to change the general information structure.

After completing the spring campaign, data from the backend yielded a tremendous increase in user engagement and activity. We decided to make each limited-time event a resident topic on the "Inspiration" page. However, this meant that both the "Inspiration" and past topics pages needed to be redesigned, making development more difficult.

截屏2023-02-25 上午11.12.41.png

Previous Versions


How might we create a more diverse, more frequently updated, and more engaging content hub ?

  • Make the topics section logically placed on the inspiration page, so that the content is more clearly categorized.

  • Set up topic collections for users to view related content more efficiently.

  • Make the resident topics page modular and configurable, easy for engineers to build.

截屏2023-02-25 下午4.45.25.png
截屏2023-02-25 下午9.32.36.png


How could I translate these pain points into design opportunities?

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